Hydraulic Rock Breaker
Rock Breaker finds its applications in number of industrial sectors,such as mining where breaking down of huge in shape rocks into small flakes, it is even used to reduce the size of the rocks. Different grade of such machinery is offered in this category from hydraulic to pneumatic.
Mining Screw Air Compressor
Varieties of Air Compressors are offered in this category, this grade of devices are specifically designed for the purpose of converting power, such as diesel, motor, etc, into potential energy, which is being safely stored in pressurized air.
Drilling Equipment
In industrial sectors, like mining, quarrying offered Drilling equipment are being used, which perform drilling applications, as per the name of the category. This equipment is available in various models and specifications, which can be accessed by clients at best market prices.
Rock Breaker Spare Parts
These sturdily constructed Rock Breaker Spare Parts, such as pistons, pins etc, are availed in wide range of shapes and sizes, which are being used in number of industrial sectors for performing the function of break down of rocks into small flakes.
Pneumatic Jack Hammer
In industrial sectors, like mining, quarrying offered Pneumatic Jack Hammers are being used, which perform drilling applications, as per the name of the category. In various specifications and types these machines can be accessed by our respected clients at most economical market rates.
Carbide Tips
These are more or often are of tungsten and titanium which are being used over the edges or tips of the cutting tools. Usage of Carbide Tips make the cutting operations easier. At most cost effective rates, these can be availed by our esteemed clients.
Chisel Bits
In various shapes and types offered Chisel Bit are offered, which are widely being used for performing effective cutting and carving operations in various industrial sectors over the comparatively hard materials, such as stones, metals with the help of the mechanical power.
DTH Hammer Bit
The DTH Hammer Bits are provided with high drilling rate. These are well suited for the drilling of rocks of medium and low hardness. Their main applicability is suited for performing the drilling into a splintered rock. Even the hardest of rocks cannot stop these bits to provide high level drilling performance.
Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor are also used to power the air tools, inflate tires and other applications too. These machines are very durable and able to handle the large amounts of demands. They are very easy to install as well as simple to use. These machines are very effective and safe to use.



Lets have a new look on the wide range of Tractor which are widely designed by our experts to provide an easiest way of performing various agricultural tasks. These machines are great for personal transportation and hauling the materials too. These machines helps in performing planting, cultivating, fertilizing, harvesting crops and so on. Currently, Tractor are available in some varieties such as Kubota Tractor, Harvester Tractor, and Kubota Farm Tractor. These machines are also used for pushing as well as pulling the agricultural machineries or trailers too. These machines are very effective and economical to use. These machines can be easily availed by our clients, at nominal pricing, in bulk quantities.

We mainly supply in Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.
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